Seen on Twitter Sunday AM

Seen On Social Media

It’s a busy Christian Sabbath morning in this episode of The Apprentice: Impeach and Remove.  

This happened.

Reaction from the progressosphere has kept Sunday hopping…


Rothschild’s tweet is the one that should be shared with right-wing friends who really do love their country, who understand that all of this is beyond unacceptable, but just can’t quit 45*. Be a friend. Save a Trumpist.

Some, sadly, may be beyond saving.

Words elude, so let’s skip bewilderment and double back to the prevailing national mood: anger, and that which springs from the nation’s Unwarranted Default.

#WhiteMaleRage is all the rage, due in large part to IMPOTUS, the Rager in Chief. Certain tweeters, shall we say, are responding to a Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” skit with, well, #WhiteMaleRage. Others are thinking of the raging males in their lives. Many are sure it isn’t them comedian Melissa Villaseñor is describing…. right?

The rest… chuckling and praising a new comedy star.


Do something offline. Do something fun, silly, or meaningful to you in a positive way. Self-care matters. Enjoy your Sunday, if you possibly can!



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