Dollar General Workers Take Action Against Dangerous Job Conditions

Dollar General workers protest intolerable conditions on the job. Photo by Union of Southern Service Workers

Hundreds of Dollar General workers gathered on May 31 during the general stockholders meeting at the company’s headquarters in Goodlettsville, Tenn., to demand better working conditions. Through their activism, they won a victory for workplace safety after shareholders voted for an independent audit to review the company’s health and safety policies.

The workers had arrived from Louisiana, South Carolina, and other parts of the country. They were joined by Step Up Louisiana, Union of Southern Service Workers, United for Respect, and other pro-union allies from various labor and community organizations.

Their collective message to Dollar General executives centered around dignity and safety. As TyBrianna Shaw, a former Dollar General worker, summarized the group’s demands in a statement to The Progressive, “Listen to your workers, respect their voices, and make your stores safe to work.”

Read the full article at The Progressive.

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