On Member Participation; Site Notices


In order to be permitted commenting and posting privileges, you must register and provide the requested information. (VSN does not and will not share or sell anyone’s personal information, ever. Third-party entities have different policies; inform and protect yourself.)  New members’ comments are held until approved by an editor.


For event- and listing-posting privileges, simply post your listing (again, you must be a registered VSN member first), it will be held until approved by an editor. We strive to approve rapidly.

For article-posting privileges, you must obtain editorial approval: Email the Editor

Member-posted articles are published only after editor review; fact-checking; and editing for clarity, conciseness, grammar, spelling, originality, and legality. (Verdant Square Network and its owner and staff accept no liability for your content or that of aggregated and third-party publishers, websites, and commenters. You own your own words.)

Your content, as with original VSN content, becomes publicly available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Please respect the work and decisions of editors and moderators.

Please follow the regulations below:

  • Differences of opinion make for great discussion, but do not abuse other users through name-calling or ad hominem attacks.
  • Do not post dehumanizing material, any content that is racist, obscene, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, or bigoted against individuals or groups. Please help the community by flagging such content.
  • Use common sense. Do not violate anyone’s privacy by posting identifying information or encouraging anyone else to do so. Do not encourage violence or criminal activity.
  • Stay on topic. Posts that criticize moderation or distract from the article’s topic by introducing unrelated hot-button topics may be removed.
  • Be thoughtful. Comments that negatively characterize broad groups of people may be removed. Such assertions, which may feel satisfying to write, are unlikely to change anyone’s mind and make it significantly more difficult to have a productive discussion.
  • Ask yourself, every time you post or comment: Is what you are communicating true? Have you double-checked its veracity? Triple-checked it? Is what you wish to say necessary or beneficial to say? If you are addressing a private individual, is what you are saying to them KIND? If not, change your perspective: Focus on ideas, not attacking humans.

Thanks for participating in discussions on the Verdant Square Network sites.

NOTE: Verdant Square Network and Grateful Dread Peace Media and its owner and staff are not responsible for any content you submit. We reserve the right, but undertake no duty, to review, edit, move, or delete any content submitted by users, in our sole discretion, without notice, including but not limited to the reasons listed above. Views disseminated via readers, listeners, posters, third-party sites, posted articles, news items, art works, etc., solely represent the views of their creators. Nothing on our sites, unless we say so explicitly, can be assumed to represent the views of Grateful Dread Peace Media, Verdant Square Network or its related sites, its owner and management, or its staff.