Submissions – Volunteering

Verdant Square welcomes submissions from freelance writers, reporters, artists, and readers for consideration. At this time, we cannot pay for submissions, however, we promote heavily in an effort to maximize exposure for chosen pieces. We hope reader/listener/member support will allow us to change that in future.

If you are a journalist with a reporting or column idea, send a pitch along with links to published writing samples. Verdant Square follows Associated Press style.

If you wish to submit a previously published item for consideration, include a link to the original published piece so we can assure that you have the right to republish.

If you wish to submit an opinion piece, be aware that there are several requirements:

    1. The op-ed must be representative of your own progressive point of view.
    2. The piece must be no more than 1,000 words long.
    3. Include a proposed headline.
    4. Include a short biography–no more than two lines–along with a recent photo, email address, social media information, and website address.  (If you need an email address to use, we can help you with that.)

Questions? Send them to

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If you wish to join the newsroom staff as a volunteer, please send contact info, cover letter, resume, and three samples of your work.

Send to


NOTE: Here, you own your own words. It’s expected contributors will publish under their real names (exceptions can be made, of course, when the situation warrants) and engage with readers’ questions, praise, and criticisms.



If you have current news releases of national or global interest from leftist, progressive, and peace organizations and initiatives, we consider fact-checked and edited copy to include in each day’s coverage.

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If you have relevant event information you want to have added to our Progressive Calendar, we’ll add it happily if it can be fact-checked. Be sure to include complete contact information and event details.

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If you have peace-progressive or activism-themed original art work, poetry, fiction, video, music, etc., to submit, we’d love to consider presenting it to our audience. The site will have galleries galore, so there is plenty of opportunity to show off your creativity. Please include an EPK if you have one.

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If you have news tips, interview ideas, protest info, etc.… awesome, good looking out, thanks!

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