Want to talk activism and partnership/sponsorship for our news pages and for the forthcoming Verdant Square Radio? Are you with an organization that has action alerts and activism event news you need to share with the greater peace-progressive community?


Write us.


Looking for a safe place to connect with fellow progressives and leftists to build community, organize, plan events, and more? Want to become an active participant in the VSN effort?

Join us and become a member or member-volunteer. (Details on the way.)


Are you a broadcaster, podcaster, blogger, journalist, editorialist, artist, etc., who wants to have their content considered for publication and/or air on a Verdant Square Network outlet?

Give us a holler.


Are you a terrestrial or internet radio station or web portal looking for relevant content such as hourly newscasts, special reports, etc? Or do you have a radio show/podcast you’d like to syndicate via Verdant Square Radio?

We want to hear from you.


Want to serve your state or region as a Local VSN Editor – Site Manager for your progressive community or have your likeminded group/site/effort become part of our peace-progressive network as an affiliate? (Great for spreading your reach and vital messages, promoting area efforts, finding new support, fund-raising, etc.)

Talk to us.


Want to help us tend this garden and make it blossom?

Donate.  Please.


Any other questions?


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