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VERDANT SQUARE NETWORKAs the Verdant Square Network grows and works toward its mission of service and revolution, it is crucial to find new ways to reach progressives and resisters where they live. As such, we are attempting something we think could be a winner: planting what we hope will become a bumper crop of affiliate hubs across North America and beyond.

These partner sites, which will be connected to the main VSN portal, are to provide area-specific, hyperlocal peace-progressive news, event calendars, activism and good-works opportunities, and lifestyle information to accompany the national and international coverage VSN presents. Imagine how we can boost the resistance via VSN Groups: We can reach directly into towns, boroughs, and villages; states and counties; schools, houses of worship, and peace-prog organizations–to foster community building. To share the beauty of people-focused progressive values. To register new voters. To organize. To create relationships and partnerships to keep the movement blossoming even in the face of the daunting challenges that exist and that loom in the future …

The Verdant Square Network — the mother ship plus its affiliated sites — offers a smart, effective, collaborative, and economical way to propel our mission to teach and promote progressive principles in the public interest and point the way toward a better, more humane society through independent, noncorporate, nonpartisan, person-centered media.

If you have an interest in partnering with VSN to establish either a network member or affiliate site for YOUR area, get in contact with us! We’ll send you all the details and then we can discuss how, together, we can do some good in your part of the garden.


  • NETWORK MEMBERSHIP: You have blogging, writing, citizen- or professional journalism, broadcast/ podcast/ stream/ website-building experience plus a devotion to progressive activism. Does the idea of editing and operating a small news/community website for your area sound like a great way to use your skills for good purpose? Think of the possibilities of the activist and altruist work you can do for your town or state, by disseminating vital information important to liberals, progressives, those not in society’s mainstream, poor and unhoused people, and on and on.Think of the need to bring together likeminded progressives and to encourage healthy debate when diverse views within the progressive tent can be at odds. With challenges like Trump, Johnson, rising bigotry and hate violence, income inequality, skyrocketing poverty and homelessness, rampant unkindness, war, apartheid, and climate change all around… what we are trying to accomplish here truly could be a matter of life and death. I do not believe for a second that that is an overstatement.Ultimately, leading a member site can be whatever YOU can envision and create within the VSN greenhouse. By becoming a VSN member, you become the editor of a news website (directly connected to the VSquare realm) with hosting, email accounts, lots of resources, and an experienced mentor with decades of experience to offer tips, guidance, and support–and the freedom, within network constraints, to use your passion, creativity, and skills to take on a challenging but exciting form of grassroots activism. The entrepreneurial aspect can create a revenue stream to cover the cost of operating the site and then some, for charities, for travel to events, for supporting candidates and initiatives, who knows? The operational part can hone your skills and expand your network of friends and colleagues. Best of all: Knowing you are doing your part to make a better, more informed world through spreading important information and promoting progressive values gives great satisfaction. And achieving that better world or knowing that we are sowing seeds for our grandkids and theirs… well, that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?
  • AFFILIATES: This status is for already-operating sites or for people not in need of hosting and other website services. (And for a limited time, you can affiliate at absolutely no cost.) As an affiliate, if approved by VSquare, you will receive a kit containing an official exclusive graphic and VSN branding/resource materials for your site, plus your affiliate will be included in all promotions as a part of the Verdant Square family. You and your site staffers also have a pipeline to possible publication on the main VSN site, which can generate traffic for your website.

If either status interests you, or if you want to start the conversation and learn more about an insanely cost-effective way to become active in digital journalism and activism as part of the brand-new Verdant Square Network, email for more information


Peace and Solidarity,

Natalie Davis
Editor-in-Chief, Program Director
Verdant Square Network


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